About Us

Pools 4 Us has been manufacturing fibreglass swimming pools since ........

We have spent this time taking steps to improve our product and to maintain our customer’s total satisfaction. This means that we have done extensive research and applied various techniques that we have learned along the way to produce the best swimming pool moulds that there can be in South Africa!

Through research collected from the USA and Australia, we have been able to say that we now sell the best manufactured swimming pools in our country. Guaranteed! What makes us different? The actual manufacturing is where our secret lies. Gone are the days of hand-packed lamination, instead we use the chopper gun method for superior build and strength.

What is the Chopper Gun Method?

  • Chopper Gun lamination ensures the thickness of the fibreglass shell is consistent throughout, as well as providing a much higher density without the risks of air entrapment.
  • This is guaranteed due to the fact that the fibres and resin are sprayed onto the mould surface at high pressure, eliminating the chances of dry spots due the time elapsed during normal hand lamination.
  • Mixtures of resin and catalyst is also pre set and controlled ensuring an accurate and constant ratio throughout, compared to hand lamination where a large number of workers mix small quantities of resin in buckets and add catalyst by "more or less" judgement.
  • It has also been proven, by comparing samples of both methods, that machine chopped laminates weighed on average 15% more for the same thickness, which proves the theory of achieving higher density and subsequent less air entrapment.
  • The fibres in traditional fibreglass chopped strand mat are short, compared to the chopper gun method which can be adjusted to chop the fibres into longer pieces. This ensures an excellent bond and a structure that is sound over a large surface like a pool, which is essential for strength as the pool is holding thousands of litres of water.
  • The fibreglass is sprayed onto the mould in ribs, which will overlap, resulting in these overlaps being twice as thick. This forms a built in rib like system into the fibreglass shell, again adding strength.
  • During the hand lamination method to manufacture fibreglass pools up to 20% wastage could be expected, which results in more materials and is far more labour intensive. This is a fact which makes the hand lamination process more expensive. The chopper gun method results in less wastage (1.8%), and uses less labour which results in huge cost savings.

Pools 4 Us believe, based on the facts above, that the chopper gun method is a far superior and reliable method of manufacturing fibreglass pools for strength, product integrity and customer peace of mind.

Contact us today to find out how you can own a swimming pool of this calibre at an affordable price anywhere in South Africa through Pools 4 Us!